Thursday 19 July 2007

Smorgy's Penang

I am now working on the opening of Smorgy's restuarant in Kystal point, Bayan Lepas, Penang, the restaurant will be opening on 1st August 2007! these are some of our foods.


Darren said...

WOO~~卖相很好哦~~害的刚吃饱不久的偶又再感觉到饿了。。。8 月 1 日 - 期待-ING。。。

前天经过 CRYSTAL POINT,看到在招聘的 BANNER,但没看到是在找什么人才,不清楚有没有聘请试食专家,若要的话,偶就要拿好 SLEEPING BAG 去门口漏夜排对等面试咯~~呵呵~~因为应该会有满多到菜等着偶去吃,但钞票来不及晒干,悲呀~~

但民以食为天,吃到睡天桥底都值得啦, WAKAKA~~

Rasa Malaysia said...


Thanks for your comment on my site. Are you a restaurateur? Since you said you are opening Smorgy's in Penang. :)

Unknown said...

i was helping up a friend for his restaurent with the menu and recipes.