Monday 5 November 2007


本地人把它当生菜(ulam)来吃,沾着Budu或Sambal Belacan. 此花有好多益处,可抗氧化,杀菌,听说还有防癌功能呢。


Anonymous said...

these round i must type properly. just realised the last message has a lot of wrong typing
eh i never see these type of vege/flower before lei????
Chinese use/eat that too??
It looks beautiful..

Darren said...

I saw this vege/flower before, but never take it, or may be it mix with other vege and i didn't realised it... :)

I'm not taking this "黄姜花" and I'm chinese.... so can I REPRESENT the whole chinese gang?? OF COURSE NOT, haha~~ some may like it too i think...

Unknown said...

to patricksha,
kelantan chinese eating habit is a bit difference here, the food we take at home or outside restaurant can be very malay style. we use hand to eat sometime.

Unknown said...

welcome back darren! have not "see" you for a long time!!

Darren said...

Yes... I'm back, haha~~
Didn't "see" me here because your blog page always hang when I'm browsing it... some people here may experience it before, i think... :)
It's better now, only few articles in a page, can see your effort to improve the blog huh~~ GAMBATEH~~

Unknown said...